Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We feel that games are an essential component of human existence. We can find hidden capacities of people, groups, and society through games, which is difficult or impossible to achieve in real life. In adventure games, it is imagination; in action games, it is rapid thinking and handling; in online games, it is interaction and collaboration; and so on. The use of blockchain technology aids in the advancement of the game to a new level. With blockchain's amazing properties like as decentralization, security, transparency, and freedom, conventional games may perform things that were before impossible.
We're creating the next generation Free to Play city-building experience with Lands of Azollite, a reimagining of what this genre can be. We believe in game design ideas that foster a player-driven community in which you may develop life-long bonds while going on epic adventures. We aspire to provide everyone the opportunity to experience Azollite's unique universe through rapid accessibility. Finally, we believe in empowering players by sharing LOA earnings with our community through real digital asset ownership as NFTs.

Our Mission

Lands of Azollite objective is to develop a platform that links cryptocurrency owners with gamers and streamers, not merely a city-building game. These three elements will combine to form a sustainable ecology that will make gaming, sharing, and in-game peer-to-peer trading popular throughout the world. To achieving this, gameplay must be extremely appealing and exciting in order to keep people engaged in playing the game on a daily basis for many years. The game must include elements that assist connect players, such as Guild, Guild Wars, or Guild Quest. In the game, players must be connected and interact as if they were a little community. And that is our first and foremost mission as of now.