Power: To function properly, all construction requires a constant source of power. You should build a reactor at the start of the game. When it is finished, the power meter at the top of the Command Bar increases. A little indicator of how much power your base uses is located next to the power meter. Keep the power meter above this signal as much as possible.
Prestige: Your base receives or loses Prestige points by constructing different buildings and utilizing strategies. When your base reaches a certain number of Prestige points, it is promoted or demoted to a higher or lower Prestige level, and your city's performance and procedures will increase or decrease its functionality.
Time: When you choose to build a new structure or to develop a new technology from one of your structures, an icon represents the time remaining for the production or construction to be completed. However, you can decrease or eliminate this queue time by spending LOA$ currency.
Depreciation: Each building will depreciate as time goes on (at various rates). If any building reaches its maximum depreciation meter, it will shut down completely and you will have to deconstruct it and build it again. you can however do maintenance to reduce their depreciation.