How Do I Play?

Begin by building your base. You start the game with a 16m x 16m land area on the surface of Azollite containing a total of 256 1m x 1m blocks. Buildings have different sizes and take a certain amount of blocks to build. You will then expand your colony by managing your resources while you may go off to investigate the world's diverse areas and the secrets that have fractured it.
As you progress through the game, you can build miners to begin mining and extracting valuable treasures from the depths. However, keep in mind that extracting loot boxes is a complex procedure requiring strategic thinking, management and leadership. If you manage to find them though, a myriad of treasures and rewards awaits you! You will be able to get started in the game without any expense and learn the mechanics. We feel this is a welcome change from games that require a large amount of capital upfront to play. There are many regions to explore, but most will be inaccessible to the first generation of players. Over time, players will unlock and discover new locations that allow for travel to new beautiful, challenging, and important regions that come with new lands to mine and collect, and shed more light on the enigmatic lore that happened in this world.
Last modified 1yr ago