Additional Regions
The world of Azollite is huge, and the inhabitants have barely scratched the surface by exploring the lands of Redkindles. Fresh zones will provide explorers with new areas to explore and fresh lands to mine and extract much more valuable treasures. Regions will be unlocked in rare airdrop events, which is a highly unusual occurrence and very valuable for the player who can find them and acquire them for themselves.
Additional Game Modes
We created the protocol from the start to be able to handle numerous game types. War chess, PVP mode, Clans, Guilds and even Tournaments are just a few of these modes. Currently, only the city building mode is in development. Additional games have already been workshopped, with several having their own detailed Game Design Documents. Expansions and game modes will be voted on by our users, and we are looking forward to seeing how it plays out.
Collaboration with Developers
We intend to work with other developers to come up with innovative methods to bring the LOA world to life. In various stages of development, and even after the game official publish, we have plans to work collectively with other developers and lay a functional platform for them to create new models, regions, missions, events, etc. In other words, the official development of Lands of Azollite will proceed hand to hand with other developers around the world.