Lands of Azollite: A metaverse full of wonder and treasures

The first sci-fi, city-building NFT fighting game with play-to-earn features in the Metaverse is here.

Welcome to the world of Azollite!

Hello and welcome to the Lands of Azollite. A broken world full of wonder and beauty. Explore the wide and varied locations in search of buried treasures, and mine them to your advantage or trade them via the exchange. In the Lands of Azollite, the basic goal is to build a city and mine ancient treasures and resources. It sounds simple enough, but can be quite challenging. For instance, to build mining structures, you need to efficiently manage your resources in order to construct them and even trade with other players in the marketplace to afford the required currencies.

What Makes Us Different?

True Digital Ownership: LOA gives players true ownership of in-game objects by converting them into tokens or NFTs. Players may sell their assets, resources, buildings, lands, and mined treasures for real money, utilize them in LOA, or even embed them in other third-party apps and games from the developer and its affiliates. This distinguishes LOA from other major games.
Play to Earn: To encourage competitive play and engagement, players may acquire valuable currencies and things, like LOA tokens, simply by playing the game. The capacity to gain concrete rewards is a critical component in supercharging our future progress.
An Epic Game Economy: LOA tokens (LOA$) are intended to exist at the center of the economy, where users may use them to buy new assets and resources, create their own NFT content, and receive staking rewards. By incorporating the LOA token into crucial aspects of the game experience, it provides a sustainable environment in which players have the economic freedom to profit from and contribute to the economy.
A Core Mechanic that Utilizes Value: Inside LOA, you'll come across wild, strange, and mysterious locations, full of ancient lore and buried treasures. You build structures, manage your city, and try to mine these treasures from the depths as fast as you can before others find them. To do so, you'll need miners, who are specially crafted to dig through earth and search for unknown materials and valuables. The chance of mining valuable treasures is determined by the quality of your Miner, the type of land you are discovering, and the amount of depth you try to dig.